Year 2 Post-Graduate Diploma in Systemic Family Therapy –Intermediate level

Develop your systemic practice skills and self-reflexivity when working with individuals, couples and families


How long: 1 year monthly second Tuesday of the month.

Where: Face to face at Warneford Hospital and Oxford-Brookes University

Award: Post-Graduate Diploma

Cohort: 2024/2025 begins 14th and 15th October 2024.



  1. Holding a core professional profile in the field of mental health and social care
  2. Completion of the PG Cert in Systemic Therapy or equivalent foundation level course
  3. Subscription of a placement agreement for supervised clinical practice in systemic therapy. The course requires a minimum of 60 hours of systemic practice and 10 hours of supervision with a Family Therapist.


This course will support you in the clinical application of ethical and theoretical principles of systemic therapy, while further developing your skills and tools from different modalities within the systemic framework.

The course is highly focused on practice and clinical training, while maintaining a strong academic element with regards to theoretical soundness and evidence base.

While we rigorously follow the AFT recommendations for training, we are also committed to tailoring our teaching to the uniqueness of each cohort, taking our students’ needs and resources into account.


Who can apply?

Students with a core profession in the health and social care sector or a professional counselling registration is key to enrolment with this level of our course. HCPC or UKCP registration required.

Successful applicants will have completed the Pg Cert in Systemic Therapy or equivalent, and will demonstrate that they have a placement agreement to support the development of their clinical skills in a supervised placement.


How do I apply?

Please register your interest at, you will be emailed details regarding open events during the week commencing 20th May. Application forms will also be emailed to you once you have registered your interest.


Is the course funded?

The course is open to NHS Staff and funding might be available, please be in touch with your line manager.


Fees  £2500


Can I enrol on the course if I am self-funding?

The course also welcomes self-funding trainees, provide they hold a core profession (See above).