Research Supervision

Oxford has a wide pool of potential dissertation supervisors, including Course staff, local clinicians and academic/clinical psychologists at Oxford University, particularly in the departments of Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry, and at the University of Reading.

One of our major strengths is the research tutoring system which provides trainees with considerable individual support for both their service related project, but particularly for the Dissertation. Each trainee has a tutor who remains with them throughout the three years and can provide hands on support with all aspects of the Dissertation. Although not their Dissertation supervisor (although they may agree to take on that role), they monitor progress and provide advice and support, in collaboration with the supervisor, as needed and as requested.

We believe it is important that trainees can, wherever practical, choose a topic and design a Dissertation that interests them. A fair in the second half of year 2 provides exposure to some potential ideas and supervisors, and we also maintain a database of potential Dissertation supervisors. We encourage trainees to develop a relatively detailed proposal early on, which we find stands them in good stead for a successful outcome and, importantly, a successful viva voce. This takes time, but is inevitably worthwhile.

Publication of Dissertation findings in peer reviewed journals, and presentation at conferences is important, and our trainees have an excellent track record of achieving this.