Current Doctoral Research Projects

Examples of Current Doctoral Projects:


Theoretically-Driven Research Projects

· Social anxiety amongst transgender individuals

· Coping responses and secondary traumatic stress in Foster Carers

· Why do romantic relationships breakdown after brain injury?

· How does intersectionality of religious, cultural, and sexual identity impact the mental health of LGBTQ+ Jews in the UK?

· The impact of perceived social support from within the neonatal care unit on parenting self-efficacy over time


Service Improvement Projects

· Investigating the decision-making process regarding surgery for parents of children with non-syndromic craniosynostosis at a specialist centre

· Accessing Psychological Support within a NICU Environment: The Experiences of Fathers from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

· Improving the provision of staff autism training in an older adult mental health service

· Patient-informed Improvements to Routine Clinical Care of Chronic Gynaecological Conditions to Support Experiences of Sexual Intimacy

· Improving access to secondary mental health services for young people of minority backgrounds


Systematic Reviews of the Literature

· What are the physical risk and physical health issues associated with hoarding?

· A meta-synthesis exploring religious content in persecutory delusions: Implications for clinical practice

· Understanding the disclosure and non-disclosure of suicidal ideation

· Neuropsychological outcomes in individuals with non-syndromic craniosynostosis

· The impact of witnessing traumatic birth on Fathers